Heart Disease and Diabetes (Healthy Behaviors)

Health Improvement Strategy

Heart Disease and Diabetes (Healthy Behaviors)


Goal: Reduce heart disease and type II diabetes

Strategy Description: Objective(s): Improve worksite wellness to increase physical activity opportunities and healthy food policies to increase activity of employees and increase healthy food consumption. Improve school wellness by increasing physical activity done by students and increasing consumption of healthy foods during school hours. Reduce the consumption of added sugar to CDC guidance of less than 10% of daily calories. Increase the percentage of people consuming CDC recommendation of 5 or more fruits and vegetables per day. Reduce percentage of children ages 0-5 screen time exposure to CDC recommendation of 1-2 hours maximum recreationally. Increase the percentage of people meeting the CDC’s physical activity recommendations of 30 minutes daily for adults and 1 hour daily for youth. Reduce the % of youth using tobacco, alcohol and/or other drugs.

Level of Change: Programs

Primary Focus Area: Healthy Behaviors

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Estimated Implementation Date:

Estimated Completion Date:

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Potential Community Benefit:



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